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Physical therapy on leg

How We Can Help You

Excellence is a way of life.  Talk is cheap - excellence shows up in what you do & how you do it.  

There are many reasons why I pursue excellence in providing lasting pain relief, & am passionate about solving the even the most challenging of problems. 


The principles I work by include & the care I offer includes:

  1. EXPERIENCE: accurate & rapid diagnosis.  More effective & individualised treatment. 
  2. TREAT THE CAUSES: not just the symptoms. This is the key to long lasting relief.
  3. 1-TO-1 CARE: Initial appointments are 1 hour & are strictly one to one. We don't double up sessions at anytime. You have my undivided attention & skills.
  4. LONGER APPOINTMENT TIMES: are standard in my clinic.  You can’t squeeze an hours’ worth of treatment into 20 minutes.  Excessively short appointments compromise quality of care.
  5. UP TO DATE: on the latest medical research/treatment.  David regularly updates his skills world-wide.
  6. EXCELLENCE IN CHRONIC PAIN: David has a thorough understanding of chronic pain & the skillset to effectively eliminate it.
  7. MANUAL THERAPY EXPERTISE: I use hands on treatment not "hotpacks" or electrical gadgets.
  8. DETERMINATION: I take your pain seriously & never give up on you!
  9. PATIENT SATISFACTION:  nearly all referrals are “word of mouth” from satisfied clients.
  10. TREATING ALL SYSTEMS OF THE BODY: I have a large range of manual therapy skills to treat pain.  I offer far more than a traditional approach can.
  11. BENCHMARKING: Having worked as part of a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence for allied health I have been constantly benchmarked & evaluated by our peers to ensure best practice.
  12. DIFFICULT SPORTS PROBLEMS: Expertise & experience in those sports requiring skilled biomechanical analysis & treatment:
  • Cycling & professional bike fitting.  For more information go to

  • Running.

  • Swimming.

  • Triathlon & time trial bike fitting.

Keep in mind that Physiotherapists are recognised & funded by Queensland Health facilities & Medicare whilst Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Myotherapists & Massage Therapists are not. 

We welcome your questions so please give the clinic a call to chat with your new Physiotherapist.

Child Physiotherapy

Conditions Treated

I routinely treat patients who have multiple problems simultaneously.

Not all symptoms are related or share common causes, but many do.  There is no extra charge for treating multiple problems at once.

Many of my patients have not responded to standard care, but do respond well to my unique approach.  If you have a difficult problem, I'm here to help.

To get to the bottom of pain, I analyse the whole body to identify the causes.  Often the cause(s) of your pain are located at some distance from the pain itself, so it's always important to look holistically. Treatment is tailored to the individual, & may involve hands-on manual therapy techniques, specific exercises & education to help you achieve a healthier, happier & fuller life.

Conditions Treated:


  • Low back pain and sciatica

  • Neck pain

  • Headaches

  • TMJ / jaw pain and disorders

  • Thoracic, rib and chest pain

  • Shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist/hand problems

  • Hip, knee, foot/ankle pain and dysfunction

  • Nerve entrapments, disc pain, joint pains, muscle pain

  • Myofascial trigger point pain syndromes

  • Sprains & ligament tears

  • Muscle tears, tendon pain and ruptures

  • Myofascial (muscle) trigger point pain syndromes - entire body



  • Temporomandibular Joint pain (TMJ disorders)

  • Myofascial Trigger Point Pain syndromes involving the jaw, head and neck regions

  • Headaches

  • Cranial dysfunction (also known as cranial osteopathy or craniosacral therapy)


  • Reflux and indigestion

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Constipation, diarrhoea and bloating

  • Stomach discomfort (eg after eating or exercise)

  • Abdominal cramping, noises or pains


  • Bladder frequency, urgency or incontinence

  • Menstrual irregularity, cramps, pains


  • Stitches

  • Shortness of breath

  • Adhesions following pleurisy or pericarditis



  • Fibromyalgia


  • We treat the full range of sports injuries, with particular expertise in:

  • Running injuries, including biomechanical analysis in relation to performance & injury

  • Cycling injuries, including biomechanical analysis of bike set-up in relation to performance & injury

  • Swimming injuries, including stroke analysis in relation to performance & injury

  • Please see our sports website: for more information


My treatment approach includes a large range of advanced manual therapy techniques including Fascial Counterstrain, & a range of exercise therapy approaches.  The exact combination of treatment approaches is tailored to what your individual body needs, so no two treatments sessions are ever the same.

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