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My vision is world class clinical care for my local community

When you want fantastic care or have a tough problem to solve

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Pain Solutions Queensland

David Wadsworth

Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapist

Advanced Manual Therapy & Exercise Science

Your health comes first

Eliminating Chronic Pain

Getting back to healthy

I believe that chronic pain can be solved.  It's a complex field, it isn't always easy, but positive solutions do exist.  Complete relief for those without permanent structural damage, & better ways to manage structural changes are definitely possible. 


Imagine seeing a clinician with OVER 25yrs OF CLINICAL EXPERIENCE, a double masters degree in both Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy, a 2yr post-grad course in USA on chronic pain management, who speaks at conferences & is referred to by other Physiotherapists and medical specialists.  Physiotherapist David Wadsworth believes in excellence in clinical care & loves helping others achieve optimal health.

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Lasting Solutions

Taking Care of You

True excellence is rare.  David has spent a career striving for it & has collected a couple of uni medals along the way.  But he believes that it is the advanced post-grad short courses that truly make a difference, leading to a higher level of skill development than that which he achieved at university.   


How do you create a lasting solution to chronic pain?
1. Constant refinement and improvement of clinical skills:
  Knowledge never stops or stagnates, it grows and expands.

2. Conquering symptoms requires diagnosis, explanation & understanding of the various factors causing your pain. 


3. A fundamental principle is that the location of your pain is not always the cause, & that all systems of the body may interact to create a problem.  It's not just muscles & joints that cause pain. 


4. Persistent pain often involves more than 1 system.  Any system of the body may contribute, & they can all be treated - just not with standard / traditional models of care.  This includes arterial supply, lymphatic-venous drainage, neural supply & control, the organs (visceral system) & any musculoskeletal structure.


Reiki Treatment

Sports & Acute Pain

Improving performance, avoiding time loss from sports / activities that matter to you

Overcoming injuries whilst maintaining as much fitness as possible is key for athletes.  David has extensive experience in managing the injuries runners, swimmers & cyclists experience.  He can help recreational & high performance athletes with their specific problems in the context of their training & competition goals.

Back Massage

If you are unwell:

To minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19 or Influenza viruses, please see your doctor if unwell rather than attending Physiotherapy.

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