We work to provide a lasting solution to your pain.
Pain Solutions Queensland offers a level of expertise for pain which is not going away. Established by Physiotherapist David Wadsworth, we are regarded for our leading expertise in complex pain management.  Our practitioners regularly speak at conferences and are referred to by other Physiotherapists and medical specialists.

What Makes Pain Solutions Queensland Unique?
1. We diagnose, explain and provide reasons for your pain. 
2. We recognise the site of your pain is not always the cause and all systems of the body do not work in isolation. 
3. Our skills have been developed through extensive international training along with many years of study and research.
4. We understand that problems don't just derive from the standard structures like joints or muscles. We recognise the impact of other body systems and their involvement in pain that fails to go away.

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Whilst we would love to tell you more about the clients we work with and what they say about us, we can't. The use of any testimonials is against the code of conduct of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency which Physiotherapists are proud members of.