Practice Information

Thank you for your interest in our practice.  At Pain Solutions Queensland there may be some conditions which are different to other practices you have previously encountered.

First and foremost we believe that each person is responsible for their own health care. In addition to providing manual therapy or exercise therapy, we see our role as providing you with information that will enable you to become more independent in the management of your own health. Our goal is to provide preventative maintenance and education to assist you in leading a healthier and more independent life with fewer day to day health problems. We hope that once we can diagnose, treat and help you keep in shape, we don't need to see you again....or at least for some time. And it won't take you "signing up" for 10 sessions!

Our expertise is in helping people with both acute and chronic problems.  We always offer you an appointment as soon as possible, and can usually accomodate acute cases within 24hrs. 

Please note that we do not accept third party insurance claims or do reports. You will be expected to pay in full at the time of each consult. You may pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard) or EFTPOS. You will be issued a receipt that you may be able to claim a rebate from your private health insurance.  You will be charged for appointments when you fail to give adequate notice of cancellation. By making an appointment you are accepting the rules and conditions of our practice

If you have Xrays or other test results please bring these with you on your first visit. Your appointment time represents the time that you should be in the practice ready for treatment. Although there are no parking difficulties at our practice, it is suggested that you aim to arrive a few minutes early for your first consultation in order to help your appointment start on time. If you have any questions that our website has not been able to answer for you, please call us.

Length of Appointments

Our initial consultation with you is one hour (unless it is for an acute ankle sprain, teaching of taping, children etc). You need enough time to tell us about your history of your pain or problem, what treatment you may have had, what investigations, what seems to help it and what makes it worse. We then need enough time to fully assess and provide you with a diagnosis of the cause of your pain. We also want to treat the cause and provide you with some relief and perhaps a few exercises or a little bit of homework to assist you until you see us again. That cannot be done accurately in a 30 minute consultation! We don't "fake it until we make it" with our diagnosis and understanding of your condition. So take a little bit of time and care with your health to start off on the right foot ;)  

David Wadsworth: Physiotherapist and Practice Principal 

Initial Consult
(not seen in last 12 months):


(up to 60min) 

Short Consult:


(up to 30min)

Extended Consult: 


(60min or longer) 

Short Initial


(30min - applicable for school
aged children)