How Can We Help You

If you require excellence in clinical care...
If you are in pain and want faster relief, even if your pain has been around for a long time...
If you want better results with fewer treatments than a traditional physio approach offers...

You are in the right spot!

Our expertise is complex and difficult problems.
We offer a wide range of clinical skills and approaches to better alleviate YOUR pain. 
We look well beyond what a standard physio / chiro / osteo approach does.
We believe this offers you a better standard of care and greater success rate at treating long standing pain.
This saves you time & money, and produces a lasting solution for YOUR pain.

There are many reasons why we excel at our job of providing YOU lasting pain relief:

    1. Our experience gives YOU accurate & rapid diagnosis with more effective individual treatment. 
    2. We treat the causes of your problem, not just the symptoms. This is the key to long lasting relief.
    3. Initial appointments are 1 hour and are strictly one to one. We don't double up sessions at anytime. You have our undivided attention and skills.
    4. Longer appointment times are standard in our clinic.  You can’t squeeze an hours’ worth of treatment into 20 minutes – this is IMPOSSIBLE!  Excessively short appointments compromise your quality of care.
    5. We stay up to date on latest medical research/treatment & our practitioners regularly update their skills world-wide.
    6. We have a thorough understanding of chronic pain.
    7. We use hands on treatment not "hotpacks" or electrical gadgets.
    8. We take your pain seriously and we will never give up on you!
    9. Patient satisfaction – nearly all referrals are “word of mouth” from satisfied clients.
    10. We treat all systems of the body.  We have a huge range of manual therapy skills to treat pain.  We offer far more than a traditional physio/chiro approach can.
    11. Being part of a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence for allied health we are constantly being benchmarked and evaluated by our peers to ensure best practice.
    12. Expertise and experience in those sports requiring skilled biomechanical analysis and treatment:
      - Cycling and professional bike fitting.  For more information go to
      - Running.
      - Swimming.
      - Triathlon and time trial bike fitting.

So if the above points are not enough to sway you.........

Ask yourself whether your existing health care provider has found the cause of your problem. Have they addressed it appropriately and given you the tools to tackle your problem? Also think about whether they seem to follow a "recipe", like 10 mins of massage, 10 mins of heat pack and 10 mins of exercises? Does your current "go to person" take a "hands off" approach focused on gadgets, medications, self management and education?  Or do they do the same thing each time or just crack a joint without really tackling the causes? 

Keep in mind that Physiotherapists are recognized and funded by Queensland Health facilities and Medicare whilst Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Myotherapists and Massage Therapists are not. 

We welcome your questions so please give the clinic a call to chat with your new Physiotherapist.