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April is Headache Month at Pain Solutions Qld

Recurrent headaches are common & cause lots of time off work & social  or sporting activities. 


In recognition of this, I am having a focus on all types of headaches, & offering a discount of 50% off a 1hr follow-up appointment to the first 7 patients who book & attend an initial consultation for headache.  

Keep an Eye on my Blog for More About Headaches

There is already a couple of posts about headaches including a summary of the common headache types.  They all require a different approach to treatment.

More information will be added across the month, including why many headache sufferers often have other ailments such as neck pain, back pain & even high blood pressure.

If you have headaches now is a great time to get some expert level care.  Click Book Now above to organise a consultation.

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