For Referrers

Information for referring Physiotherapists & Allied Health Professionals

Referring to David: Due to advanced training in manual therapy including visceral manipulation, cranial manipulation and strain-counterstrain, I frequently see patients referred by other Physiotherapists for several sessions to assist in their overall treatment plan, with the aim being to help the patient improve to the point where their local Physiotherapist can complete their treatment.  Please call me to discuss how I may be able to assist you with complex cases. 


Information for referring Doctors

We will accept EPC/GP Allied Health care plan referrals for appropriate patients but please note this does not cover the entire cost of treatment. There will be a gap to pay in full at the time of the appointment.

Referring to David: My post-graduate training is quite different to other Physiotherapists, having developed expertise in the multi-systems management of chronic pain with training both in Australia and internationally.  As you are no doubt aware, over 90% of back and neck pain patients have no pathology that can be identified with current imaging techniques, meaning that their pain arises from a functional disorder (such as impaired joint motion, tight or weak or inhibited or hypertonal muscle, viscerosomatic referred pain from non-pathologic visceral dysfunction).   I am able to help patients with many common problems such as spinal pain and headaches that have this type of presentation.