I’ve heard this phrase a lot of times in the past 20 years: “I’ve got a pinched nerve in my neck”.  It’s a fairly common conclusion for many people who have a sore neck and pain that refers down into their arm.  The reality may or may not involve a... Read More
An ankle sprain is one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries, with about 40% of all sprained ankles happening during sports.  It is also one of the most painful!  Ligaments are big sensory receptors (read in here “pain” receptors), so if you tear one it really... Read More
In post 1 we talked about the anatomy of the discs, their nerve and blood supply (or lack thereof) and what types of injuries may occur to a disc.  We also looked at how discs heal, and how long this takes – at least 6 months!  In this post we’ll consider how to get your... Read More
This series of 2 blogs on low back pain caused by disc injury is designed as a resource for patients of Pain Solutions Queensland to refer to in their recovery. A disc injury causes significant back pain that results in a prolonged recovery time.  It requires careful... Read More
If you have been reading our series of posts about effective, long term solutions to persistent chronic pain, then you have already figured this one out – the skill of your practitioner really matters if you want to get better.  Why? A more experienced and more highly... Read More
In short, the approaches for which there is best evidence for long term benefits for musculoskeletal pain are: Physiotherapy: for physical... Read More
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